Posted on Saturday, July 15th, 2023 at 9:06 pm    

You’re winding down after a long day, only to struggle to get a peaceful night’s rest because your partner snores, hogs the blankets, or likes to keep the bedroom at a different temperature than you do. A good night’s sleep is essential, but what happens when your partner becomes the biggest obstacle to your slumber?

Couples who struggle with different sleep preferences sometimes find themselves going through a “sleep divorce,” in which one partner sleeps in a separate bed, even if there are no other issues with the relationship. Don’t let this happen to you. Instead, follow the helpful tips provided by the team at Silent Night Therapy. We hope this information helps you and your partner sleep better in the nights to come.

Recognize Each Other’s Patterns and Preferences

How we sleep is highly personal, from our bedtime schedules to how we react to temperatures in the room. Recognizing these differences is the first step towards respecting one other’s sleep needs and finding workable solutions.

For instance, snoring can severely affect a partner’s sleep quality. Potential solutions include:

  • Using pillows to elevate the snorer’s head to keep airways clear
  • Having the non-snoring partner wear earplugs
  • Purchasing a bed with an adjustable base that one partner can tilt to reduce snoring
  • Investing in custom oral appliances to adjust the snorer’s air passages

Another common issue that can lead to a sleep divorce is when one partner prefers to stay up late while the other likes to rise early. Creating a mutually agreeable sleep schedule can make all the difference in these situations. Sleep masks also can be an invaluable tool for those going to bed earlier, as these masks block out bright lights that can disrupt sleep.

Technological Solutions to Prevent Sleep Divorces

Technology also offers tools for couples struggling with differing sleep patterns or preferences. Early risers can use vibrating alarm clocks to start their day without disturbing their partner. Similarly, noise machines can mask disruptive sounds and generate soothing white or brown noise that promotes restful sleep.

A split king mattress can be a worthwhile investment for couples dealing with nighttime disruptions. This style of mattress allows each person to adjust their side of the bed independently, accommodating different preferences for mattress firmness or incline.

Couples should also consult with a doctor about poor sleep quality. Sometimes sleep apnea – a serious and potentially even life-threatening condition – is ultimately to blame. A prescription for restful sleep might begin with a doctor’s appointment, followed by oral appliance therapy.

Consider the “Scandinavian Sleep Method”

The Scandinavian Sleep Method involves each partner having a separate comforter on the bed instead of sharing one. Many sleep disturbances arise from disagreements over the covers – one person tugs, the other turns, and before you know it, nobody is sleeping well. Adopting the Scandinavian Sleep Method gives each person complete control over their own cover and comfort. There’s no contention over the blankets being pulled away, and each person can adjust their comforter to their desired warmth.

Struggling to Get Quality Sleep? Silent Night Therapy Can Help

At Silent Night Therapy, we use custom-made oral appliances to help our patients with sleep apnea and give them the deep, restful sleep they need. We have extensive experience with these devices, and they’re a much more comfortable alternative to a CPAP machine. Call us today at 631-983-2463 or fill out our contact form for a consultation.