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Sleep apnea diagnosis and treatment is covered under medical insurance. We are in-network with several major medical insurances. There are some insurance companies that we are unable to work with, like Fidelis Medicaid and EmblemHealth. Complimentary pre-treatment estimates are always available. Our goal is to provide affordable solutions. We offer customized financial agreements and financing options.
Once we take the digital impressions of your mouth we will send them to the lab; from there it takes 4-5 weeks for an oral appliance to be made. Our digital scans offer a quicker turnaround time and a more accurate, precise fit.
We reserve 1 hour for your initial consultation, however the average appointment only takes 30-40 minutes. Once we have gathered all of your information, discussed the process, and answered all of your questions you are free to go.
Absolutely! The oral appliance is made specifically to accommodate your unique oral anatomy, and is custom adjusted based on the flexibility of your jaw. Thanks to this high level of customization and our trained dental staff our patients have seen great results by using one of our oral appliances.

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