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Get More of The Miracle Drug

On a daily basis we’re told about the latest drug or supplement that is supposed to vastly improve our quality of life— whether it’s more energy, better concentration, or helping us to become more physically fit. This all sounds great (until you read the fine print), but did you know that the perfect drug already exists and is available to everyone? It’s all-natural, has no side effects, and doesn’t cost you a dime.

Of course, we’re talking about sleep!

While health advocates often promote the importance of diet and exercise, sleep seldom gets the attention it deserves for being the third pillar of the total health and wellness trinity. In fact, the latest research shows that sleep is literally a “miracle drug” and should be taken much more seriously for anyone who is looking to improve their health, as well as their physical and mental performance.

Think about how you feel when you’re sleep deprived. If you’re reading this, you likely know how that feels all too well. Your body hurts, your mind isn’t clear, you get headaches, are easily agitated, and are not operating at 100%. You can avoid those terrible feelings and their byproducts by not only getting more sleep, but better sleep! When you get better sleep you can improve your memory, improve your mood, reduce chronic inflammation, drive and operate heavy machinery more safely, ensure your safety, successfully lose weight, improve your mind, and repair the cells in your body.


Sleep can do what?!

Mental Acuity

Getting enough sleep is one of the keys to success for top performers because the brain doesn’t shut down while we sleep. Sure, sleep “charges the batteries” so to speak, but it does much more than that. Sleep actually plays an integral role in learning and processing information.The brain also processes and consolidates memories during sleep. If you don’t get enough sleep, it will impact the brain’s ability to retain information, meaning your learning process is impaired. This can have a severe impact on your personal and professional relationships.

Immune System & Energy

Lack of sleep causes stress on the body’s immune system, increasing the risk of developing an illness. Certain genes are in charge of restoring and rebuilding your body, but they are only turned on at night while you’re sleeping! By getting adequate sleep, we ensure that we are taking advantage of the natural processes that allow us to recover effectively. Without the right number of hours in a deep sleep, you’re going to constantly be fighting to live the healthy life you deserve.

Sleep & Weight Gain

Getting enough sleep is critical to maintaining a healthy weight. Hormones Leptin and Ghrelin are actually regulated during sleep, so without enough hours of rest, your body is not able to keep healthy levels of either hormone. The hormone Leptin tells you when your hunger has been satisfied and Ghrelin tells you when you’re hungry. Without the two in homeostasis, people will typically overeat and gain weight. You don’t want that, do you? Then get your rest!

6 Reasons To Get More Quality Sleep

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Sleep improves your memory and retention skills, thus effectively making you smarter.

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Sleep can reduce chronic inflammation. Inflammation is a leading cause of disease.

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Getting enough sleep ensures safety. Driving or operating machinery while tired is dangerous!

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Sleep is a critical factor in a successful weight loss program. You’ll also have energy to exercise!

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Sleep can improve your mood, which includes reducing stress, improving blood pressure, and health.

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Sleep helps our bodies repair and restore cells, improves heart health and makes you feel better!

If you feel sleep deprived, you could be suffering from a condition known as sleep apnea.

Not sure exactly what the signs or symptoms are? Visit our “What is sleep apnea” page for all the details! If you feel like this might be what you’re experiencing, select one of our three, easy options for diagnosis below!